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Traditional Line Daters
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Traditional Line Daters

Item #79005
Stamp, Traditional Line Dater, #1 1/2 Type Size 5/32", 6 Year

  • 6-year stamper saves time and makes dating documents more efficient
  • Prints day, month and year
  • Easy to read
  • #1 1/2 type size, size 5/32" high

“Exactly what you would want if you want a simple, efficient, high quality stamp. Couldn't ask for more. So satisfied with the first one, I bought a second.” –R.G

“I wanted a date stamper for our homeschool. It's very durable, has the correct years, and it works great. Very handy, great value! I'm very pleased with the quality and price.” -Katie

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color Gray
Item Width 1 1/2"
Item Depth 1/2"
Item Height 2"

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